"Family Reunions", Every Sunday

We gather at the intersection of chaos and order, with the intentional focus of worshipping the resurrected Christ. We sing, we pray, we laugh, and we cry, together. Each week is another opportunity to study the biblical text, respond in obedient worship, and celebrate the implications of the gospel. At any given Family Reunion you will find people of every race, diverse backgrounds, and socio-ethnic differences. Together, we are sealed by a common Holy Spirit until the day of redemption.

Join us Sundays at Noon, as we sound the alarm and wake up our city! We gather for worship inside Degage Ministries, a homeless shelter in the heartside district of downtown, Grand Rapids. The address is 144 S. Division Avenue, and street parking is free on weekends! 

Come and See

Worship is our response to the revelation of God, and is not bound by a tradition or religious rituals. It is the overflow of a heart that is being broken open by the reckless grace of the cross. The Awakening Church is a movement of mercy, led by disciples of Jesus who are broken vessels under construction. Our emphasis on "Relentless Inreach" is a call to deeply-rooted spiritual formation, the essence of discipleship.

Go and Tell

If you've ever been a recipient, you will become a redistributor. Once you've tasted of the goodness of God's Mercy, it is impossible to keep from sharing it with others in need. The natural overflow of a heart that has been restored, is to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly. We value evangelism via  "Deliberate Outreach" as an unconditional assignment from the Mercy King; to go and make disciples who make disciples who make disciples...