The Story Behind the Story

In the spring of 2018, a small spark was lit. A conversation at a local homeless shelter revolved around the necessity for a gospel-centered expression of tangible hope. Friendships were made over coffee and donuts, individual stories were shared around the table of grace, and at the center of it all was an open bible. 

We studied, verse-by-verse through the New Testament Book of Acts, and we began to dream of a revolutionary new community of faith. The cafeteria at Degage Ministries became Ground Zero of our resemblance of the Throne Room of Heaven (Revelation 4); every tribe and tongue focused on the resurrected Christ! Soccer moms from the suburbs were sitting next to homeless veterans, and small-business owners were praying with chronically-addicted youth. 

These informal gatherings have since gained momentum, and the evolution of a revolution was born. By the end of the summer, the conversation shifted toward transitioning to Sundays, and rising up as a new Church Plant. With limited financial resources and unlimited passion, the gates of hell are being dismantled by the implications of the resurrection! We have our mission and values, but ultimately it is Jesus Himself who has promised to build His Church. We are simply witnesses to His/Story. 

Our "Family Reunions" are literally inside a Homeless Shelter in the Heartside District of Grand Rapids. The worship begins at 12:30! We invite all inlaws and outlaws, sinners and saints, to join the underground, iconoclastic revolution of love! 

As the cold winds begin to blow, our doors will be open to receive those whom have no shelter. We will offer hot coffee and intentional hugs, a place to belong, a promise to believe, and a purpose to become. No matter what you've done, or where you've been... No matter the wounds you've inflicted or the scars you bear yourself, welcome home

Love. Found. Here